Singapore Business Coach

SME owners and entrepreneurs, are you:

Wishing to get more customers and retain them for repeat sales?

Struggling with business costs and maintaining profitability?

Having difficulties getting staff to cooperate and be productive?

Wondering how you can start to expand your business?

Getting stressed and burnt out by your business because of long hours at work?

Discover how you can have a Business Breakthrough with my
5-stage scaling-up blueprint

My name is Douglas Kong

I am a seasoned business coach & facilitator specializing in helping SMEs who want to scale up their business, working with business owners who want to double, triple, or 10X their sales and profits.

My intention, as your coach, is to enable you to appreciate and analyze your professional struggles from a new angle. Looking at a situation in a different way is often an excellent starting point to engage in it differently and then change it.

I am the author of the book: “How to Grow Your Business and to Double Its Value in 2 Years”, and I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and small and medium business owners to do exactly that.

Douglas Kong Singapore Business Executive Coach

I am offering you a complimentary session for you to Discover ...

  • Hidden challenges that may hinder you 
  • Work out solutions to overcome them
  • Feel renewed, re-energised and Inspired as  a result
  • Learn a 5-Stage Blueprint to scale up your business by realigning your marketing, HR and operations so that your business can make sustained profits without burning out.

What we will be exploring?

Challenges that prevent you from working at your very best

How to remove or overcome barriers to your growth

Different aspects including, but not limited to: marketing and sales, business strategy, create and maintain a high performance team, streamline your business processes and supply chains, focus on nurturing your present and future customers, build in-place systems that enable growth unimpeded, legal, regulatory, societal and ethical environmental so as to have a sustainable business.

I believe in and practice a solution oriented coaching style, with a pragmatic, results-oriented approach.

Douglas Kong Singapore Business Executive Coach


I am fortunate to know Dr. Douglas Kong since 2001 when I joined his organization as a Clinical Psychologist. An expert in the field of mental health, an avid scientist, a seasoned practitioner and above all, a kind gentleman, Douglas has always been more than a colleague. He is a mentor who is generous in sharing his knowledge and books with me and an enthusiastic partner in learning. I recently formalized my learning experiences with him when I requested him to be my clinical supervisor. His response, ‘it will be an honour’ was just the perfect way to start our journey. He is interested and available and guides sessions without overwhelming. Our conversations brim with questions, reflections, insight and sometimes silence. I always walk away from a session feeling excited about my work and wanting to do more and learn more. Thank you Douglas for being such a wonderful supervisor!

Shrimathi Swaminathan

I attended one of the Alpha Group session conducted by Douglas. I was impressed by the level of energy, enthusiasm, facilitation skills and passion in Douglas helping clients to brainstorm for potential solutions to current challenges and issues. With his training and working experience in psychiatry and a master class lecturer and coach in Organizational behaviour, Stress management, Relationship management and many others certainly will add value and richness to the contents and the breadth of the workshop and mastermind brainstorming session. I strongly recommend this course to any one who wants to double and triple their business revenue.

Colin Yeo

I met Dr. Kong about 1.5 years ago when he approached me for marketing help. Since then he has coached me on many areas of business, many areas I had no idea existed let alone their importance. I learned from him that I was “my own employee.” I was working in my business as opposed to ON my business. Under his care and guidance, I have found my WHY as a business, focused on my strengths, learn to better identify and improve my weaknesses, developed new products, and discover new markets to target. On a personal level, I now have much more confidence to conduct and talk about my business, not in a transactional way, but in a transformational way, adding a kind of value to my clients that didn’t exist before. Before I met Dr Kong, I really didn’t understand and appreciate the value coaches offered. Now, with my newly honed skills, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results in my business.

Chris Dawson

Business Development, Nimbus Design

I have had the opportunity to engage the services of Douglas Kong as Business Consultant. My experience with Douglas was an extremely positive one. Douglas brings with him a wealth of expert knowledge coupled with a high degree of emotional intelligence, that he successfully leverages to resolve business challenges. His dedication to clients is apparent, and he was always extremely quick to respond to our needs. The in-depth assessment survey he developed and implemented was crucial to identifying and documenting key issues needing attention. His further work with us on developing a management action plan as well as delivering workshops on difficult issues was very well received. I consider him to be a trusted advisor and I highly recommend Douglas Kong.

Richard Goh

Owner, AceAgape